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Author Topic: Thong tin moi nhat ve Shophouse Vinhomes Wonder Park Dan Phuong  (Read 710 times)


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Shophouse Vinhomes Wonder Park Dan Phuong la mot san pham rat quan yeu va duoc hau het nguoi mua quan tam. neu nhu da tung de y va Phan tich ve san pham bat dong san tot tang hay cu the la san pham shophouse trong nhung Cong trinh lon cua Vingoup thi nhung nha dau co se chon loc ngay san pham Shophouse boi no mang lai gia tri sinh loi cao.

Shophouse la gi? Dac diem cua Shophouse?
  • Shophouse la cac can ho vua so huu chua nang de o vua co the buon ban, mot dong hinh rat nhieu o cac nuoc phat trien. nhung can Shophouse nam trong Cong trinh la mot san pham chien luoc mang so luong tranh nen no thuong la thoi co dau tu sinh loi hap dan.
  • Shophouse tai Vinhomes Wonder Park - https://vinhomesdanphuonghanoi.net so huu dien tich trong khoang 96-120m2, xay 4 tang, mat tien 8m, mat do vun dap 85-88%
       + Tang 1, hai kieu dang thong tang de phuc vu buon ban, mo cua hang, showroom
       + Tang 3, 4 duoc ngoai hinh de gia dinh dung o rieng
       + cac can ho Shophouse duoc ngoai hinh theo phong cach toi gian nhung khon cung tien tien, thich hop mang nhu cau tieu dung va hai hoa co canh quan ngau nhien quanh do
cac nguyen to ban phai biet truoc khi quyet dinh tim shophouse Vinhomes Wonder Park?
Toa lac tai khu dat vang dac dia
cac can Shophouse Vinhomes Wonder Park duoc huong nhung ich loi khon xiet to tu vi tri Du an. Nam tai cua ngo phia Tay Bac cua thu do, noi so huu quy dat rong va co so phat trien. Viec ket noi trong khoang Cong trinh vao tinh thanh hay den cac tinh lan can nhu: Hoa Binh, Son Tay, Dong Anh… khon cung thuan tien. Day cung la yeu to then chot quy dinh su thanh cong trong viec kinh doanh sau nay.
So luong can Shophouse han che
Day cung la nhan to gop phan tao len su thanh cong cua chu nhan cac can ho shophouse trong Cong trinh. So luong tranh khien cho cac nha dau tu luon san don. Doi so huu 1 so Cong trinh cua Vingroup da khai trien nhu Vinhomes Harmony, Vinhomes Green Bay, Vinhomes Ocean Park thi khi mo ban cac cac ban phai boc tham duoc quyen tim.

Tiem nang cho thue
Cong trinh Vinhomes Wonder Park co tong dien tich len toi 133ha, voi 2356 can vi la, lien ke, shophouse. Quy mo dan so la 12.248 nguoi, day chinh la nguon cac ban tiem nang khon cung to ngay tai khu do thi. ke ben viec dung cho nhu cau tau sam cho chinh cu dan thi Cong trinh cung chuyen dung cho cho ca cu dan o khu vuc phu can vi mot so can shophouse co mat quay ra phia cac con pho chinh. Theo tong hop cua chung toi tai nhung Du an da di vao ban giao va o thi nhung mat hang nhu: Cafe, nha hang, ca tinh, thuc pham sach….la cac mat hang co tiem nang lon va se dat loi nhuan cao.
thuan loi di lai
dong nay chinh la co so vat chat lien lac trong noi khu, vi tri can ho nha Shophouse thuong so huu nam tiep giap voi nhung con duong noi khu, con duong noi khu thuong rong trong khoang 17-24m rat thuan loi cho viec chuyen dong.
Tinh thanh khoan re hay khong?
Tinh thanh khoan cua shophouse no phu thuoc pho thong vao 4 nhan to chinh : Vi tri , do khan han huu, tiem nang cho thue va co hoi tang gia.
Nhuoc diem cua buon ban shophoue Vinhomes Wonder Park

  • Quyen voi can ho

   Theo quy dinh ve thoi han tieu dung can ho o nhung Cong trinh khac nhau va thuong cac can ho Shophouse se bi giam thieu thoi han tieu dung la 50 nam ghi tren so do so hong cu the. vi the, cac ban buon ban Shophouse can nho nhan to nay de tinh toan viec chon tau dam bao phu hop nhat.
  • gia ban dau tu to

   mo phong buon ban Shophouse co nhieu diem hay nhung tuy nhien cung gap phai nhung bat loi dac thu ve tai chinh. Boi le gia tien cac can ho Shophouse bay gio thuong cao hon cac can ho thuong 4 – 5 lan va cung kha khan thi thoang. boi the thuong nha dau tu se phai bo ra so tien kha to de tra cho nha dau co, chua tinh toi van de tau Shophouse luc canh tranh voi nha dau co khac day gia len cao. https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1062444897915842560
  • du tru ve mat do dan cu

   Shophouse la can ho thuong mai vi tranh ve vi tri do nam trong nhung khu do thi. boi the, da phan cac hoat dong buon ban o day phai tinh toan de van de so luong cu dan so huu giai quyet duoc mong muon buon ban san pham can phai co. Nguoi dau tu can tinh toan ky luong dan so va dac trung la sam duoc cau giai dap kinh doanh gi o Shophouse thi moi so huu the dam bao sinh loi. boi vay, Shophouse dep nhung se can voi dan cu dong duc de dam bao luong nguoi tieu dung moi mang the co kha nang sinh loi re nhat.
do do, luc mua Shophouse can luu y voi cac tinh toan ve vi tri, chat luong, sinh loi cung nhu nguyen to ve phap ly truoc luc thoa thuan xuong von dau tu.

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Re: Hello from VietNam
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2019, 11:52:01 AM »
Welcome Aboard, this is a great hobby.
you can learn as much as you want or go crazy and try to learn everything  :)
Keg 1- HB Peanut butter stout
Keg 2- Chocolate Milk Stout
Keg 3- HB Peach Sour
Keg 4- HB Doppelbock
Keg 5- HB Citra IPA kviek
Keg 6- HB Oktoberfest
Keg 7-
Planning- a Raw Ale


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