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Author Topic: Làm dieu khac long may co dau khong spa oi?  (Read 308 times)


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Làm dieu khac long may co dau khong spa oi?
« on: May 03, 2019, 03:33:03 AM »
hien nay so huu pho quat nguoi rat thich khien dep bang bi quyet dieu khac long may, nhung ho rat ban khoan lieu khien dieu khac long may co dau khong? Chung ta cung mua cau tu van ngay sau day

Dieu khac long may co dau khong?

Dieu khac long may la 1 trong cac cach thuc phun xam tham my duoc phan lon phai dep ham me. ben canh do co cach thuc nay se hoan toan khong gay don dau.Truoc khi dieu khac se ban se duoc cac chuyen vien tram te de so huu cam giac thoai mai, thu gian nhat.

Viec truoc het luc Dieu khac long may (dieu khac chan may) Microblading Han Quoc may chi em se duoc cac chuyen vien tham kham. Sau ay se xac dinh va phan tach cu the cac dac diem doi chan may cua ban. tu do se giai dap giup ban chon lua be ngoai va mau sac dieu khac long may sao cho thich hop.

chon lua ngoai mat phu hop co mau da va tuong xung mang cac duong net tren khuon mat. Sau day se duoc nhung chuyen vien boi te vung chan may de trong suot thoi gian thuc hanh. Viec boi te chi em se luon cam thay tha suc, de chiu. Viec nhu gay su kho chiu hay dau rat trong la khong so huu. boi vay nen chi em khong can phai lo lang ve viec dieu khac long may co dau khong

khong nhung the mang cac co so vat chat hien dai, doi ban tay kheo leo cua ky thuat vien. Hon nua la mau muc xam chinh yeu duoc chiet xuat trong khoang bong dung. Se luon duoc nhap cang tu cac nuoc uy tin tren the gioi. Chi em mang the an tam ve long may ban se voi mau dep tinh co, de an mau va ben mau.

Dieu khac chan may so huu sung khong?
Sau luc khien xong thuong se co hien tuong sung do nhe trong ngay truoc het. Hien tuong nay se giam dan trong cac ngay sau cua chi em. Dieu nay la het suc binh thuong, khong gay hiem nguy. dac thu la khong tac dong den doi song sinh hoat ca nhan.

Viec long may bi sung cung con phu thuoc vao co dia moi nguoi. Nguoi co dia du, thuong thuong se bi sung nai nhe hoac kha do o tiep giap voi tu hai – 3 ngay. neu ban coi ngo ky luong theo dung chi dan cua chuyen vien thi hien tuong nay se het.

Dieu khac chan may bao lau thi bong?
Chi em cung se thay hien tuong chan may tu tu dong vay. Lop vay se voi tac dung bao ke, giup mau muc phun xam tham thau sau vao lop ha phan bi da. trong khoang ay khien cho giup mau se len nhanh, chuan mau hon.

Se dua theo co dia cua moi nguoi ma co thoi gian bong troc vay khac nhau. thong thuong khoang 5-7 ngay thi bong troc vay. Viec len mau cung se xuat hien dan. Chi em hay de qua trinh bong vay dien ra bat chot, tuyet doi khong tu y cay hay boc lop vay. neu chi em tac dong se de gay seo, nhiem trung hoac dieu khac khong deu mau. Xem them: dieu khac long may giu duoc bao lau

ky vong mang cac thong tin tren cua Black Peony Spa, thi nghi van dieu khac long may so huu dau khong hay nhung tro ngai khac se ko con la moi ban long qua lon co nhung chi em. Qua bai viet tren chi em co them nhieu kien thuc hon de san se co moi nguoi tiep giap voi. Chuc chi em se voi mot vai long may dep va sac net de tu tin trong cuoc song.

#blackpeonyspa, #dongtuuyen, #phunlongmayblackpeony, #dieukhaclongmayblackpeony
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Re: Hello from VietNam
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2019, 11:52:01 AM »
Welcome Aboard, this is a great hobby.
you can learn as much as you want or go crazy and try to learn everything  :)
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Planning- a Raw Ale


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